VM with Galaxy

Release Notes

  • Galaxy is a open, web-base platform for data instensive biomedical research. It was developed to bridge the gap between biomedical research (large computational demands) and HPC/cloud facilities (highly specialized computer science knowledge).
  • Galaxy runs in a private VM in one of the interactive nodes of a GenAP host. Once the application is deployed the Galaxy VM is launched and becomes a submit node in the GenAP host. From this point user can submit jobs seamlessly as if the VM was part of the HPC facilities and making use of all its compute node and cores. This last step happens transparently as the user only sees the Galaxy interface.


What is Galaxy

  • Galaxy is a platform to create/run/share bioinformatic single jobs or complex workflows.
  • The user does not need to have any programing skills to deploy a job on the underlying computer resource.
  • Galaxy offers transparently:
  1. Full scheduler integration
  2. Job’s dependency control
  3. Error report
  4. Data privacy
  5. Data management

How to use

  • To start using Galaxy the user need to have a Compute Canada account.
  • With his/her Compute Canada credential the user can log into Genap Portal and follow the instructions to create a project and a Galaxy Application. Once created the Portal will re-direct the user to its private Galaxy.

  • For learning Galaxy functionalities the user can refer to our Wiki . There the user will learn how to import/export/share data, launch jobs, and build and deploy workflows.

  • Support

    Users can send emails to support@genap.ca which is linked to our ticketing system.